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ShenZhen PuZhou Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2016, focusing on technology research and development for 8 years , has mechanical design, software development, electrical control design and development capabilities and original proprietary automatic image recognition technology.
Pursuiting of the latest international welding technology and combined with domestic production technology , we developed a new generation of selective wave soldering , jet selective wave soldering. The product line includes high-efficiency high-yield and high quality production facility.
Selective wave soldering uphold professional and continuous innovation spirit to get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh constantly.The original CCD scan with direct programming interface saves time , automatical prduction path optimization improves production efficiency, welding visualization compensation capabilities for operator to complete the production parameters setup quickly, the protection zone to ensure users safty, and the custom injection point size and speed combined to get precise control of the production process .The jet selective wave soldering uses automatic production line mode and achieves automatic streamlined production , which saves artificial hand painted flux links , gets energy-efficient and high-yield production process and is suitable for large quantities of stream line production. After years of experimental verification , now we formally launch a new generation of selective wave soldering to customers.And our company would set high-tech, high-quality as a starting point to build a selective wave soldering flagship brand.production process; after years of experimental verification ,we formally launch a new generation of selective wave soldering.To high-tech, high-quality as a starting point, to build the selective wave soldering flagship brand.
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